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Pole TES - e-secure transactions

Lower Normandy and Calvados are leaders in secure electronic transactions (TES). Many applications, now widely used, have been developed directly from research conducted in Caen. Lower Normandy was awarded the competitive cluster label in July 2005.
What is a competitive cluster ? A partnership, based around a specific theme and a specific region
A competitive cluster brings together large and small firms, research laboratories and educational establishments, all working together in a specific region to develop synergies and cooperative efforts.
Other partners may be brought in, such as public authorities, either local or national, as well as firms providing business services.
Competitive clusters think big. The goal of competitive clusters is to build on synergies and innovative, collaborative projects in order to give partner firms the chance to become leaders in their fields, both in France and abroad...

The challenges of the TES cluster

Relying on cooperation between business and research and training institutions, the TES cluster has chosen to take on this challenge, requiring the command of a global issue involving technological innovation, usage, marketing and legal expertise, to develop an international site of reference.

What are secure electronic transactions ?

Secure Electronic Transactions are a combination of electronic, computing and data communication technologies enabling the reliable and secure exchanges of information in a wide range of application domains :
  • Payment: credit cards and electronic purses, online payments, ticketing, loyalty card.
  • Security and identification: identity cards and electronic passports, access controls, electronic signatures.
  • Health and daily life: e-administration, everyday cards.
  • Telecommunications: phone cards, SIM cards (Subscriber Identity Module).
Over the past ten years, the sector has been considerably developed , boosted by the mobile phone boom and the escalating number of bankers cards.
E-secure transactions are a real mass market : over 9 billion smart cards are in use around the world. With an annual growth of 15%, the market of goods and services based on digital technology (3,000 billion euros per year) is considered as the engine of economic development for the next twenty years, . The TES cluster covers about 8,000 jobs, including 2,000 researchers, 200 teachers for a turnover of nearly 1 billion euros. The TES should create over 3,000 jobs in Lower Normandy in the next 5 years.

The cluster's aims

Lower Normandy offers unique advantages, reuniting the essential skills and expertise for the accomplishment of an ambitious secure electronic transactions program.
In order to seize market opportunities and to guarantee the protection of key technologies, the cluster's ambition is to shape the secure electronic transactions sector and to become within five years:
  • The European point of reference in terms of R&D, training and industrial development in the field of secure electronic transactions;
  • A pilot region, cradle of large scale product, service and usage experimentation;
  • A place of influence and convergence of knowledge and know-how based on the capacity to develop innovative projects and to conclude cooperative partnerships on a national and international scale.


The TES cluster contains 93 members spread throughout France: major global organizations, innovative SMEs, research laboratories, training centers and organizations recognized for innovation support.


103 projects
are underway to make Lower Normandy an area of innovation where product applications can be tested on a large scale in order to develop new international standards, industrial projects which lead to the creation of innovative products and services. Efforts are focussed on three high-potential markets : the e-citizen (health, tourism, transportation, city, ...), non-contact services (payment, ticketing, ...) and e-government.

Chairman of the cluster: Jean-Pierre Lecouedic (Vinaya)
Contact: cedric.morel @
Website of the TES Cluster

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