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Nov@log, as a pole of competitiveness, plays an essential role in the competitiveness of business enterprises and in the development of innovation in France.
They aim especially to develop the services and logistics systems of tomorrow.
What is a competitive cluster ? A partnership, based around a specific theme and a specific region
A competitive cluster brings together large and small firms, research laboratories and educational establishments, all working together in a specific region to develop synergies and cooperative efforts.
Other partners may be brought in, such as public authorities, either local or national, as well as firms providing business services.
Competitive clusters think big. The goal of competitive clusters is to build on synergies and innovative, collaborative projects in order to give partner firms the chance to become leaders in their fields, both in France and abroad...

Nov@log is specifically designed to imagine the business of logistics and supply chain business of tomorrow. The main themes of the cluster's work are :
  • Its strategic areas of action (DAS): safety and security, traceability and information systems, development of logistics;
  • Its business activities: international logistics and the intermodality of transport, the organization of the distribution traceability, particularly in the context of urban deliveries, industrial organization and logistical processes.
Designed to develop technological innovation, the missions of Nov@log are :
  • to support firms in their R&D and innovation projects to increase their competitiveness;
  • to advise firms in order to gain appoval and finance for their projects;
  • to put firms in relation with research teams and to provide them with an international visibility.

Innovation & logistics

Nov@log, as a pole of competitive cluster, plays an essential role in the competitiveness of the businesses and in the development of innovation in Normandy. It aims specifically to develop the logistics services and systems of the future.

The Strategic focuses

Nov@log has developed its strategy around 3 areas of action:
  • The safety and security of freight shipments, risk analysis and management, transport and logistics regulations.
  • The traceability of shipments, optimisation of the supply chain and the information and data exchange systems ;
  • The sustainable development of logistics, environmental management of logistics and supply areas, life cycle of products.
… and 4 areas of research :
  • To develop the European port and terrestrial transport information systems of tomorrow;
  • To determine the structuring and organisation of the logistics platforms of tomorrow;
  • To determine and optimise intermodality between road, rail, river and sea;
  • To promote eco-design to support the development of emerging and sustainable logistics.

The R&D projects

Selected for their innovation and the progress brought to logistics, up to now Nov@log have approved 86 projects (including some studies) for a sum of over €150,000,000 in all the areas of logistics including internal management, traceability, safety and security, and port logistics….
Through its areas of research, Nov@log is currently supporting various projects in logistics, ICT or logistics organisation.
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