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Calvados Calvados, an attractive county between Paris and London
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Our county is steeped in history, but not stuck in the past ! Calvados has achieved a unique fusion between memory and modernity, that's why so many people would never choose to live anywhere else !

With well-preserved monuments and unspoilt landscapes, intelligently planned urban centres, top-flight amenities, first-class services for local people and a vibrant community life, Calvados has everything going for it - and for you !
  • natural areas of ecological interest covering 96,000 hectares, plus large expanses of wetlands.
  • 84 conservation areas, including 33 environmental protection zones.
  • 4 Blue Flag beaches and 3 Blue Flag marinas in 2011.
  • Air quality judged to be good.
  • 19.5% of households sort their household waste in Calvados, i.e. twice the French national average !


Over the last decade, there has been a steady growth in the housing stock rising by 20%.
Composition of housing stock : 76% main homes, incl. 62% detached houses.

Average housing sale price (statistics for the period from 1 July 2010 to June 30, 2011)
  • Calvados:
Apartments: € 2,410 / sqm (average price / m² to 50 sqm)
Houses: € 190 715 (average price per 105 sqm)
  • Caen:
Apartments: € 2,081 / sqm (average price / m² to 58 sqm)
Houses: € 254 016 (average price for 109 sqm)


An efficient “Bus Vert” interurban bus network and an innovative “taxi bus” service for short journeys.
A Veo'l self-service bicycles system in Caen.
The county has embarked on a scheme to create a 700-km network of cycle paths.
Note that the city of Caen reached the third place of the APF / L'Express 2012 barometer for accessibility for disabled people.


Our local health services have an outstanding reputation. With the University Hospital, a regional hospital, higly-renowned care centers specialized private clinics recognized (eg François Baclesse cancer treatment centre) and a regional network of well hospital provision, Caen and Calvados are ranked among the best regions in France for the provision of health care. A comprehensive range of facilities for young and old, including day nurseries, day centres and community centres.

Shops & services

There are 19 superstores and 86 supermarkets, 45 hard discounters in Calvados. The number of supermarkets per capita is far higher in Calvados than in the rest of Lower Normandy and higher than the French national average. The same is true for DIY stores and garden centres.
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Calvados Stratégie
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Calvados Strategie - Comité d'expansion économique du Calvados - Caen - Normandie - Tél. +33 2 31 15 62 70

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