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Call centres

Customer relations management is a top priority for today’s companies and is proof of their determination to place customer needs at the heart of their business and make them the focus of their corporate strategy.

For the time being, Calvados has “in-house”, medium-sized call centres, in the sectors of banking, insurance, telecommunications, retailing and public services. The purpose of these centres is to handle customer calls and provide information and technical or commercial assistance, together with home banking services or even online sales. Webhelp and Armatis, majors outsourcers, are also based in Calvados and employ 1,400 people.

APRC Normandie : the CRM business association

Since April 2011, APRC Normandie (the Professional Association of Customer Relationship Management in Normandy) brings together customer relations professionals: operators, technical service providers and training organizations. The APRC Normandie counts among its founding members: Armatis, Credit Agricole Normandie, EDF Blue Sky, Natixis Interépargne, Orange, Webhelp, ... For more information on the APRC, please contact Calvados Stratégie.
Calvados Strategie

Customized facilities :

Local authorities are determined to attract call centre outsourcers, i.e. subcontractors who provide customer services. Top-quality facilities dedicated to call centres have been developed and this has faciltated the set-up of two majors firms in Calvados : Webhelp and Armatis.

Training for jobs in customer relations

  • There are twenty business courses, 2,500 young linguists, computer analysts and telecommunications and network engineers.
  • There are also numerous specific training courses (teleoperators, supervisors, telemarketing, remote sales, etc.) run by continuing further education providers, with dedicated training equipment.
If you are in need of technical or financial assistance , you need look no further than Calvados Stratégie.
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